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TnCIS integrates with Tybera’s E-Flex (e-filing system), to allow attorneys to access a 24/7 online portal where they can electronically file cases in court, register accounts to pay associated fees, and upload pertinent documents. Accessed by a simple Internet browser, it allows attorneys to initiate cases and send complex follow-up documents that modify case data such as third-party complaints, cross complaints, counter complaints, and others. Attorneys may request a new account, enter their contact information, and designate multiple email accounts where courtesy notifications can be sent. Attorneys are also able to pay court filing fees securely as well as request payment waivers, deferrals, and other fee changes. Fully integrated e-filing takes advantage of online web forms by pushing the job of data entry away from the court and back to the filer, saving clerks time and money. 


TnCIS E-Filing

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