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Total Technical Solutions

LGC prides itself in providing a total technical solution for our customers including court management software, IT and hardware maintenance, payment solutions, cybersecurity services, and website design and maintenance. LGC installs, trains, and supports TnCIS Software.

TnCIS is currently installed in over 300 county courts offices throughout Tennessee.


The Tennessee Court Information System, called TnCIS, provides clerks with an automated case management system that reduces paperwork, processes fee collections, and improves record keeping and timeliness of case management. The TnCIS system helps clerks efficiently manage the courts time, while also providing more uniform and accurate court data that’s more easily accessible to the public, law enforcement and other state agencies.

LGC’s powerful electronic document management system provides an efficient method to scan and view documents for cases at the case level or the party level. Delinquent Tax documents can be scanned and viewed at the parcel level. Electronic minute books can be created by using templates to automatically pull case information from TnCIS into NextGen Document Management.


LGC offers custom-built servers and workstations, printers, scanners, networking equipment, and much more. Our hardware comes with a 1-year on-site warranty, toll-free phone support, and an optional hardware maintenance contract after the warranty expires.

LGC offers hassle-free hosting & support for business email, personalized to your organization, using industry standard security practices for encrypted communications. Email archiving provides up to 5 years of email storage and helps meet open records requests.

LGC’s experienced network specialists can design, administer, and manage your complete network: from internet connectivity to security and best practices. Our network specialists can evaluate your current needs and advise for future growth.


TnCIS Web Inquiry gives your citizens the ability to search and view basic case information and to pay their civil and criminal court fees all online. Detailed case information is available with a login and password for offices affiliated with the court. Featuring robust search capabilities, including the ability to search all counties, all courts, and all case types across the website.

E-filing allows attorneys to access an online portal where they can electronically file cases in your court, register accounts to pay associated fees, and upload pertinent documents. E-filing integrates to the TnCIS court management software and helps the clerks of court move toward a more efficient, paperless environment.

Outreach text messaging provides incremental hearing reminder notices to defendants via text! Using Outreach may help your office reduce failure to appear rates and save money by reducing warrants issued to defendants and possible jail time.

For customers not utilizing LGC’s TnCIS Web Inquiry product, OnePay is great alternative solution for the collection of online credit card payments.  It is also LGC’s standard solution for the collection of in-person credit card payments.

LGC now offers a wide range of services to better secure your data such as antivirus software, a cloud-based backup solution, a multi-factor authentication service, as well as advanced monitoring and detection software to help block attacks.

LGC offers responsive website design with professional hosting to help you serve your community better. Responsive website design optimizes the user’s browsing experience and makes sharing information online more effective. LGC also offers the option to add a secure web form portal, so that you can collect sensitive information securely.