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Document Management Software Solutions

Document Management is a powerful electronic document management system used as an efficient method to scan, organize, and store different types of important files, documents, and images.  All relevant data (graphic and text) is permanently archived.  Files can be easily accessed, printed, or e-mailed.  It has robust keyword search capabilities that are good for keyword searches in minute books or student records.  It is great for attaching pictures to job applications, attaching driver’s license and social security cards to service orders, attaching photos to permits, and it easily retrieves copies of requisitions and purchase orders – or any detail behind checks.  In a court environment, templates can be used to automatically pull case information from TnCIS into Document Management, and documents can be scanned and viewed for cases at the case level or at the party level and for delinquent taxes at the parcel level. 

Document Managment

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