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LGC offers hassle-free hosting & support for business email, personalized to your organization, using industry standard security practices for encrypted communications. LGC offers two hosted email options. LGC’s Basic Email option allows you to keep thousands of emails in your inbox without running out of room, send and receive large files such as 1000-page Word documents, 200 PowerPoint slides, or 500 Adobe PDFs. With the Basic option, all your email is in one place, accessible from any mobile device, and will be synced no matter how you access your email. Our hosted Exchange environment has all the built-in protection, redundancy, anywhere accessibility, and operational efficiency that your office needs for mission-critical communications and collaboration. With Hosted Exchange, you can collaborate across the hall or across the world with shared calendars, tasks, and contacts, plus public folder space to share files and get feedback. Email archiving is included with the Basic Email option and may be added on a per account basis for the Exchange Online option. Archiving keeps copies of every email message sent or received to a separate account and saves messages for 5 years by default, to help you fulfill any public information requests. Various customizable features are available with both hosted email options to offer more specific solutions for your office.

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