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LGC knows that serving your community is of the utmost importance to you! Sharing information with your residents is an important part of serving your community. One of the best ways to share information is by placing it on your website. LGC offers responsive website design with professional hosting. The primary goal of responsive design is to build web pages that detect the user’s screen size and change the layout accordingly. Unfortunately, simply placing information online isn’t enough. Making a good first impression is important. If users must do a lot of zooming, shrinking, and scrolling of their screens during their first visit, they are more likely to give up and leave the website. Responsive web design optimizes the user’s browsing experience. Responsive web design also helps meet the criteria for ADA compliance.

Website Design, Hosting, and Maintenance

Secure Web Forms Portal

Does your office collect sensitive information through web forms? If you aren’t encrypting the information you are collecting, you may be placing the private information of your citizens at risk. Not only does LGC offer secure web forms, LGC also offers Secure Web Forms Portal. The more information your office accepts from the public online, the higher the expectation is for your office to take the appropriate measures to safeguard their data. LGC’s Secure Web Forms Portal provides a platform for encryption and safe storage of this data. The secure portal ensures that sensitive data fields will not be added to an unsecured location. There is no limit to the number of forms you may have. You also have the option of adding an electronic signature to any form. You will receive an alert of form submissions through an automated email that only contains limited data to keep the information secure. You will be required to login to view the submission entry and data. For an added layer of protection, two-factor authentication is required to login to the portal. Any form that collects any of the following information should be encrypted and secured to protect your residents: any government issued photo ID, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, Military ID, Student ID, Concealed Carry Permit, Insurance Card, valid Credit or Debit Card, Social Security Number, Rental/Lease Agreement, Closing Statement, Deed, etc. 

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