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LGC’s Sub-Tracker is cloud-based software designed to automate both substitute teacher and leave tracking processes. Located in the Backpack Portal within the My Leave app, Sub-Tracker is accessible from any device and location with an internet connection and allows staff to enter their own leave requests, schedule their own subs, then sends the staff leave information and sub pay information to LGC’s Payroll automatically. 

Sub-Tracker makes securing a sub an easy task. If arrangements have already been made with a sub, then the teacher can select a specific sub from a drop-down list.  If arrangements have not been made, then Sub-Tracker has a robo calling or texting feature to contact subs.   A robo call can be made or a text blast can be sent to the subs notifying them of a job posting.  Subs can then login and accept the job. Upon acceptance by a sub, an email and text notification are sent to the employee, sub, and administration. 

Sub Tracker saves time for the school administration as well. No more time-consuming tasks of entering all the teacher leave and sub’s pay information from timesheets.  When the leave and pay requests are approved, Sub Tracker seamlessly integrates that information directly into LGC’s Payroll software.

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