Total Technical Solutions

LGC partners with PCS Revenue Control Systems to provide POS-NOW.  POS-NOW is a complete set of powerful front office school food and nutrition program solutions for district, cafeteria, serving line, and classroom operations. Free & reduced meal application processing and verification provides built‐in integration with other POS‐NOW modules. Interfaces and downloads from state or local databases for direct certification reduce the number of applications needed and keep eligibilities up to date. Student database and account management are integrated with Student Information Systems and PayPAMS web payments portal to provide seamless interoperability.   

With POS-NOW, applications are automatically entered in accordance with AccuClaim criteria. The application status is displayed, showing the number of household members, monthly or yearly income total, and Free, Reduced, or paid eligibility. Validation criteria are automatically applied, such as checking the reasons an application is incomplete, including missing Social Security Number, incomplete income, no signature, etc. One application can be entered for an unlimited number of members in one household with unlimited sources of income per family member and student.  

With Web-POS, menu planners can easily create menus and menu cycles, both generic and/or line and day specific. Each button can represent a meal or food item and can display a color and/or graphic, including photos of your food items, for ease of selection by cashiers. Offer‐vs‐serve and ala carte modes are supported along with exact mode for limiting students balances for use with meals only, or full mode for allowing balances to be used for meals and ala carte, per terminal or per student.  


Point-of-Sale Hardware

LGC offers a complete line of point-of-sale hardware for school cafeterias.    

LGC’s Touch Screen Point-of-Sale is ideal for use in the school cafeteria environment. This ultra slim, fanless, all- in-one PC includes a cooling system that combines and integrates heat-sink with thermal pads. It’s not only quiet, but also dust free.  It is VESA standard, allowing for mounting with any standard mounting device.   

The Quest Tablet converts easily from a docking station for cafeteria operation to a portable hand-held operation. It features a convenient hand strap, has an anti-glare tempered glass screen, and is spill and dust resistant.  It is ruggedized and has been four-foot drop tested.   

The FRED™ (Fast Read Entry Device with Dual Operation) numeric keypad and barcode scanner allows students and teachers to enter a system generated PIN or district generated ID on the keypad, or they can scan their ID card on the same convenient device.  

The NED™ (Numeric Entry Device) saves money for operations not requiring a barcode scanner.  It can be upgraded with a barcode scanner when needed. The NED can be set for entry of system generated PIN numbers or student ID numbers.  

LGC’s barcode scanner offers consistent, fast, and accurate barcode scanning with a natural, comfortable grip.   

PCS school nutrition offerings include PayPAMS. PayPAMS provides a convenient and safe place to make school meal and fee payments. Access to account information is available 24/7 online. Payment information is encrypted for added security on systems with the highest level of compliance measured by PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards. Another PayPAMs feature on the account screen is a transaction history which includes all payments and purchases; every item recorded by the cashier is listed. PayPAMS also offers the ability to set up low balance alerts and automatic payments. 


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