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FlexGen Releases

1. Releases must be run on the computer that contains the FG4 directory (server). 2. Each release requires all programs for the software be loaded. The install script searches for a program file associated with that software and will not run if the file cannot be found. This prevents the installation of software that has not already been loaded at a customer site. 3. The computer that the release is being installed on must allow executables to be downloaded from the Internet. If downloads are blocked by a firewall, etc. the release can not be loaded.


These releases have all of the latest updates applied to them. These releases can be updated with minor changes weekly.



CYE 2021 Update โ€“ required for W2, 1099 and ACA processing and 2022 Payrolls

2021 CYE Install Instructions



Accounting Release 07.03

AC07.03 Install Instructions


Accounts Receivables Fix/Changes

Accounts Receivables/Misc. Receipting Release 07.03

AR 07.03 Install Instructions


Alabama Case Management Fix/Changes

Alabama Case Management Release 07.04.2

ED 07.04.2 Install Instructions


Business License Release Notes

Business License Release 07.10

BL 07.10 Install Instructions



Fixed Assets Release 07.09

FA07.09 Install Instructions


Payroll Release Notes

Payroll Release 07.11.02

PY 07.11.02 Install Instructions


Purchasing Release Notes

Purchasing Release 07.05

ACPS07.05 Install Instructions



Point of Sale Release 07.06

CR07.06 Install Instructions


SCL Required to Run โ€“ CS0703

SCALES Release 07.03

Please Contact Support for assistance in installing SCALES



Trustee Release 07.09

TR 07.09 Install Instructions


Utility Billing Fix/Changes

Utility Billing Release 07.06

UB 07.06 Install Instructions

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